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Creation: March 24, 2019
Updated: March 24, 2019

Rocked Chalk: Kansas’s Most Disappointing Season of the Decade Is Now Over //Mar 23, 2019//

So disappointed by their performance yesterday. They just looked sluggish, slow, and lacked any actual effort. Auburn is probably the better team but there was no fight there.

John Oliver’s Weak Case for Callout Culture //Mar 21, 2019//

Idk… I think Oliver was navigating a fine line of talking about the problem and trying to give examples while keeping the general mood of his show.


Excellent issue. Lots of good stuff in the first half.

Daring Fireball - Apple Games //Mar 23, 2019//

No shit, John. That’s what everyone has been saying for months.

Year of the Meteor - Sunset Sky, 1872, John Frederick Kensett ////

Some great links in this one.


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