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Creation: March 20, 2019
Updated: March 21, 2019

Weezer’s Black Album Won’t Make It Easier for Them - The Ringer

I agree with a lot about this. The thing I’ll say about Weezer is, even if their music isn’t on the level of their early stuff, they are continuing to put out new stuff that isn’t absolute garbage. Although I hated the Teal album.

AOCs Michael Cohen testimony questions mattered. Here’s why. - Vox

Not much depth here.

If you care about your thoughts, keep them.” — Shawn Blanc

This both inspired me to get back to my notebook (not the goal of the piece) but also want to use this more for those Thoughts On type notes.

Scientists Develop Yeast That Brews THC and CBD — Rolling Stone

Pretty crazy stuff. Interested to see where this goes. And how it’s used, if at all, in the consumer space.

The Blogging Mindset — 500ish Words

A struggle I see a lot of people, including myself, when it comes to blogging, the where’s, how’s and why’s.

Joe Biden’s plan for an early VP selection is a terrible idea //Mar 20, 2019//

Yeah, seems odd.

Should You Watch … Love, Death & Robots’

Netflix Testing Out Random Episode Orders For Original Shows Starting With Love, Death & Robots

Can’t decide if I want to watch this.

Bohemian Rhapsody’ Editor is as Embarrassed About that One Scene as You Are //Mar 19, 2019//

Really is odd.


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