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Creation: March 19, 2019
Updated: March 19, 2019

The Daily - Two Crashes, One Jet: The Story of Boeing’s 737 Max //Mar 18, 2019//

I had read a lot about this, but found this episode extremely helpful in finding out where exactly the issues were.

Today, Explained - American hate //Mar 17, 2019//

I fucking hate people. Just be nice to each other, people.

Free-Market Zion, the Madness Lap, Philly’s Talent Glut, and Club Alpha Dogs With Ryen Russillo | The Bill Simmons Podcast //Mar 17, 2019//

Good discussion on Zion and steroids in baseball. I’d let Pete Rose and all the steroid guys into the Hall of Fame.

The Hottest Team in the NBA Right Now Is … the Spurs?! | The Mismatch //Mar 19, 2019//

Great as always.

Today, Explained - CBD? TBD. //Mar 18, 2019//

I want CBD to be a thing. But I just don’t believe the hype. This episode seems to back that up.

Hello Internet #120: Battle Tested //Mar 13, 2019//

Had no idea YouTube Premier was a thing. Sounds like it could have potential applications, not for podcasts though, and it sounds like there are currently a lot of shortcomings.


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