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Creation: March 18, 2019
Updated: March 19, 2019

Divvy could get $50M expansion, electric bikes //Mar 18, 2019//

This might be cool, but I’m always wary of exclusivity deals, especially in regards to cities.

207. STEPHEN KING: The desk //Feb 28, 2017//

I’ve had this in my Instapaper queue forever. Not sure why it took me this long. Nice little comic.

Brian Chesky eats his own dog food ////

I dig Airbnb. Insterested to see how the HotelTonight acquisition goes.

Meet the Man Living on Nothing but Beer and Water for Lent //Mar 18, 2019//

Just sounds stupid.

Ask Kate About Beer: How often do breweries change a beer’s recipe? //Mar 17, 2019//

Interesting to see how much science really goes into it and how weather causes changes that need to be accounted for.

Inside Beer - Anchor union provides blueprint / St. Paddy’s at Guinness’ MD brewery / The Pokemonification” of craft beer ////

Couple interesting notes.

NextDraft - THE GRAPES OF WRATH //Mar 17, 2019//

Thoughts on New Zealand were good.


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