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Creation: March 18, 2019
Updated: March 19, 2019

The Stack - Interview’, Homesick’ and British Vogue’ //Mar 15, 2019//

Wasn’t able to get to this Sunday. Really good episode though. Enjoyed all of the segments, but Interview is just a weird magazine. The Walburgh Butler interview a few weeks ago put the wrong taste in my mouth.

The Daily - The Mosque Attacks in New Zealand //Mar 17, 2019//

Just so sad…

Every Little Thing - Duct Tape MacGyver: The Sticky Secrets //Mar 17, 2019//

Meh. Fine episode. Nothing mind blowing.

Lowe Post - Brett Brown //Mar 13, 2019//

Hearing him talk about the Joel/Ben relationship was worth the time completely.

Great & Terrible - CLASSHOLE //Mar 16, 2019//

Still have no idea.

Desert Oracle Radio - Wildflowers! //Mar 14, 2019//

Such a weird show. I love it.

The Degenerate’s Guide to the NBA Playoff Race | Heat Check //Mar 17, 2019//

I’m so ready for the playoffs. And the lottery.


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