//190312// Journal: whoah, lengthy

Creation: March 12, 2019
Updated: March 12, 2019

🌤 23°F and Clear

17:00 - Long stressful day for me. Haven’t had a chance to touch this and there’s so much I want to do here. Going to try to update my to-do list tonight. Could not, for the life of me, get out of bed this morning. Even after I got up, I moved in super sloooooooow-mo. Eventually, I got to work though. Luckily. For both today and tomorrow, my time is dedicated to meeting with other departments for intake sessions. Me and another developer are starting new automations this week so we meet with the teams to go through everything step and try to pull out as much information as we can. There’s always unforseen scenarios and varitions of processes the business units don’t think of because they are used to doing it everyday. I have the honor of leading both so on top of being half of our development team, I’m basically the project manager and scheduling these long meetings with ten plus people and finding room in schedules is the biggest pain. I just want to get to the automation part.

21:00 - Sphygmus read Sourdough. I recently started Penumbra, which she seemed to live and I’ve had some of the same thoughts. They are both fantastic though. Sloan has entered the list of authors I’ll read everything they write. It’s a short list so far as I haven’t read too much. This should probably be a reference page, but for now: Joe Hill, Warren Ellis, Robin Sloan. That’s not very many, and there are other authors who I devour, but so far these three have literally never disappointed me. Patrick Rothfuss is close but his Kingkiller Chonicles is all I know.


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