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Creation: March 11, 2019
Updated: March 11, 2019

The Daily Part 2: What to Expect When You’re Expecting (the Mueller Report) //Mar 10, 2019//

I need a break from Trump… Maybe he could take two months off of being president to give everyone a breather and then come back (if we must) to fuck up our country some more.

OKC-GSW Game 6, 2016: A Special Sports Rewatchables With Chris Ryan and Joe House | The Bill Simmons Podcast //Mar 10, 2019//

Cool idea. I always want to go back and watch old games. I just don’t know how…

Every Little Thing - Forks: One Utensil’s Battle for Respect //Mar 10, 2019//

Some interesting things but not my favorite episode of theirs.

The Infallible Warriors Might Not Be So Infallible | Heat Check //Mar 10, 2019//

The Philly guy came with a little too much heat.

Today, Explained - Sailing a boat on an alien sea //Mar 10, 2019//

I’m all for space exploration. I wish more focus was on that than this stupid fucking wall.


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