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Creation: March 08, 2019
Updated: March 9, 2019

Reckoning With the Real Michael Jackson //Mar 7, 2019//

Jackson has never been a big part of my life. I’ve always thought he was a bit creepy/disturbing.

The Fence-Jumping Virgin Bachelor, Zion’s Return and LeBron in Tank Mode with Juliet Litman, Mark Titus, Kevin O’Connor, Haley O’Shaughnessy, and Danny Chau | The Bill Simmons Podcast //Mar 7, 2019//

We Unironically Care About the Eastern Conference Playoff Race | The Corner 3 //Mar 8, 2019//

Both of these were fine.

Trump’s money man //Mar 7, 2019//

I have a feeling when he gets subpoenaed, things will actually start happening.

Was TV Ever Truly Monoculture and More Questions from the Mailbag | The Watch //Mar 6, 2019//


S3E3: Walk of Punishment | Game of Thrones //Jun 18, 2017//

Slowly catching up. One episode at a time.

Season 2, Ep 86 - Hogsface and Chicago //Nov 18, 2018//

Fell asleep listening to this…


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