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Creation: March 06, 2019
Updated: March 6, 2019

Today, Explained - Outbreak //Mar 4, 2019//

Why… Just why…?

The Daily - Silicon Valley’s Military Dilemma //Mar 5, 2019//

This one is tough. I’d probably be okay with what Microsoft is doing. I think it could be a valuable tool.

Lowe Post

Daryl Morey //Mar 3, 2019//

Bob Myers //Feb 28, 2019//

Kevin Arnovitz //Mar 5, 2019//

Both great interviews with NBA GMs. Enjoyed the Bob Myers one more, which surprised me. It was longer but also felt meatier. Arnovitz pod was solid too.

The Pitch - Is This the Amazon Prime of Airline Tickets? (#60, SkyHi) //Mar 5, 2019//

I would not invest in this. Unless the customer can legitimately see savings every month without the company losing money it just doesn’t make sense. Glad they are focusing on deals with airlines now.

The Watch - A Big-Picture Look at HBO, Plus Crashing’ and Pen15’ | The Watch //Mar 4, 2019//

Fantastic discussion about HBO and their future. Between this and TVTM, it’s been on my mind a lot. I see a lot of similarities to the future if Gimlet and HBO. This is a topic I’m planning on exploring more.

Today, Explained - Uh-oh, Trudeau! //Mar 5, 2019//

I zoned out a little bit… I think there’s a lot more to this than what I know.

Great & Terrible

FALL OF 88 //Jan 12, 2019//

DIRT & BLOOD //Feb 9, 2019//

Fascinated by the idea of a short fiction podcast like this. Just eight episodes, about four minutes in length for each. Not much to touch on yet. Going to subscribe to this one though.

Directive 1 //Nov 4, 2018//

Another fiction podcast. Enjoyed this first episode a lot. This one is six episodes each about fifteen minutes. All six are already out.


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