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Creation: March 05, 2019
Updated: March 5, 2019

Inside Podcasting - The Last Bohemians ////

More Luminary talk. Found the Adam Davidson thread a little interesting. Although I still think all podcasts should have an RSS feed. Have password protected feeds or user specific feeds. Stratechery does user specific RSS feeds. Much much smaller scale but I’m sure some smart people can figure it out.

Some Observations on Leaving Neverland //Mar 4, 2019//

Lots of thought out into this from Kottke. I can appreciate that.

To: h0p3 From: Twelvety //Mar 4, 2019//

To: kicks From: h0p3 ////

Good day for Wikis! Love seeing the correspondence between others like this. I also realized I had Canion’s recent changes filtered to Journal entries only the last week so I caught up on lots there.


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