//190305// Journal

Creation: March 05, 2019
Updated: March 5, 2019

☁️ 8.6°F and Mostly Cloudy

09:30 - Real estate agent came out last night so I’m finally getting that processed kicked off officially. On my way to work I got a flat tire… I’m at the office now. Hoping it’ll warm up a little bit and then I’ll go out and change it. Positioning the jack makes me nervous. Sounds silly to say but I’ve only changed a tire once before.

11:30 - Went out and put my spare tire on. Weather did not warm up and my face was numb by the time I finished and walked back into the office. Now I need to figure out where to bring the tire to get repaired.

15:00 - Brought my tire in to get repaired at lunch. Hopefully it’s a quick turnaround. Looks like it should only cost me $20-30.

20:30 - Played okay in my game tonight. We won putting our record at 6-3. Have one more game Thursday. We should be pretty secure in a playoff spot.


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