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Updated: March 7, 2019

gotta say I’m always really satisfied with the fonts when visiting kevin’s sites


I just started using a third font for the title only. I’m not sure it goes with the other two, but I just loved the font so I have to figure out what I’m doing with it… I’d be curious to know your thoughts since you liked what I had going on previously.

I see we both like the domain integrated with the whole url” type of thing!

100%, although I’m looking for a new domain for my image site, due to the lack of WHO IS privacy with .se domains. Always looking for suggestions, but every project I start now starts with using an odd TLD. I’m looking at a .ventures” one now for a new fictional ad_venture_ thing I want to play around with. Hopefully I get around to it. The goal is to have a mysterious tone around it, which is something I eventually want to ask you about.

I want to know more about the art, of course! how is it made??

I’m assuming you are talking about the more graphic design-y images. These are very much inspired by Matt Mills artwork and I use a variety of iOS apps to create them. I’ve listed out what I currently have on my phone for these images. One image usually uses five to seven of the list below.

It’s a lot, I know, but I’ve had a lot of fun throwing them together.

never share your name online was such a strong rule when I was young and first stepping into the online world

True for me growing up too. But when things like Facebook, and then Twitter, and then Instagram started rolling out, they were originally only used with friends and family. Once I started to stem out to other things for myself, I created a tangled web of identity. Most people around me seem to only use those, so they all use their names. Now, they could still run into trouble if they ever say anything dumb and end up in the spotlight or are scrutinized for one reason or another, but for the most part that seems to be the norm. Maybe it’s because, in the real world, I don’t know many people doing things on the interwebs such as this. Or really anything creative…

maniac is another show that reminds me of legion

Agree. I was slightly disappointed with Maniac, but I went in way too excited. I loved what Cary Fukunaga did with True Detective S1, so to see him doing a Netflix series with Jonah Hill and Emma Stone really had me jazzed. It was still fun, and there were some amazing episodes, I’m thinking of the heist episode in the southern mansion, specifically. In the end, I felt like the ambition was larger than the budget.

I started Mr. Robot, but it was at a time when I was bouncing around between my mom’s place, my place at school, and then my first condo so I fell off and just let other things get in the way.

I read Robin Sloan’s Sourdough earlier this year and loved it. Can’t wait to read his Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore. If you are into newsletters his Year of the Meteor is great. He also does these short stories he mails out for $0.89 occasionally, which I’ve loved. I’m not digging the book I’m currently reading, which is why it’s been sitting there for over a month now. I may skip to Penumbra based on your excitement around it and my love of Sourdough.

If you don’t mind a few questions as I get to know you, I’m really curious how you use and what you see the purpose of your wiki.

You mention having a private wiki you use for yourself. So why have the public one? Would it not be simpler to keep everything in one? Not judging, as I run into similar fragmentation myself, but I’m curious how you view them in terms of their utility. I love peering into your public wiki, but it still doesn’t exactly feel like something intended for a wider audience.

I want to ask about the Skyrim stuff but I’m honestly so confused. It seems to be a big part of your wiki, and I thought it was just a game in the last generation of systems but with mods, based on what I have read on your wiki1, it seems to have become much more.

Lastly, similar to you, I’m fascinated by some of these mysterious projects people have created online. Whether it’s the site you posted about with planes in images, or something like Lot 2046, which is a subscription service but it’s just so weird, and I guess, mysterious. I want to create something that captures that feeling. I’ve been ruminating on it for quite sometime but I can’t seem to find the angle to really get it going. My goal is to create a fictional world based around weblogs similar to this or my other sites that tell story in bits across different types of formats but never revealing too much.

Sorry for that long winded non-question. I realized I went in to ask a question, then forgot what my question was, and just kind of went on a run for myself I guess.

Anyways, I really dig your wiki and I hope you continue to use it and expirement with it to find the greatest utility for yourself from it that you can.

  1. of which I’ve barely understood if I’m continuing to be honest.


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