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Creation: March 04, 2019
Updated: March 4, 2019

The Daily - What to Expect When You’re Expecting (the Mueller Report) //Mar 3, 2019//

Just want this to be over with…

Season 2, Ep 77 - Just Todd (w/ Travis McElroy, Live from Indianapolis) //Sep 16, 2018//

Season 2, Ep 82 - Chunt for Red October 4: Rainbow Squish //Oct 21, 2018//

Season 2, Ep 83 - Blemish Returns //Oct 28, 2018//

Caught up on some Hello From the Magic Tavern. Haven’t listened to one since August probably..? I’ve let them build up in my queue but have deleted a bunch too. I’ve kept about ten in that time frame to go back to. S2E83 was the best of this bunch with Blemish.

Low Post: Jason Concepcion //Mar 3, 2019//

In the world did basketball media, I don’t know if there’s a person I like more than Jason.

Who Is to Blame for the Lakers’ Letdown? | Heat Check //Mar 4, 2019//

I predicted months ago the Lakers wouldn’t make the playoffs. Even with LeBron.


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