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Creation: March 03, 2019
Updated: March 4, 2019

Thanks Luke, Next (Official Lyric Video) | The Ringer //Mar 1, 2019//


Hail Satan? - Official Trailer //Feb 26, 2019//

Interesting. I wonder how many of them truly believe in Satan, versus just not being happy with the status quo and wanting to stand for change, not being indifferent to the shit world around them.

Turn Up Charlie | Official Trailer | Netflix //Feb 27, 2019//

The synopsis for this sounds dumb, but based on this, it looks like it might actually have a leg to stand on if they can execute well. Very 90s feeling too.

Fosse/Verdon | Official Trailer | FX //Feb 27, 2019//


STOCKHOLM Official Trailer (2019) Ethan Hawke, Noomi Rapace Heist Movie HD //Feb 26, 2019//

Maybe too.

When They See Us: Limited Series | Teaser | Netflix //Feb 28, 2019//

I’m super in for this. What a beautiful teaser trailer.

Last Week Tonight S6E2

I’m 100% with him. There’s a lot more evidence psychics are bullshit than their is for them.

Umbrella Academy S1E10

Was hoping for more… As long as their is a second season I’ll be happy.


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