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Creation: March 02, 2019
Updated: March 2, 2019

Shin Lim Performs a Series of Increasingly Shocking Card Tricks for Jimmy and The Roots //Feb 28, 2019//

Eh. It’s cool but hard to convey through tv.

NHL mascots REALLY don’t like how popular Gritty is | Always Late with Katie Nolan ////

This was hilarious. Love this shit with mascots. It’s a game around the game. Need more of this.

Umbrella Academy S1E9

Just one more…

The Ragtime Gals: Buddy Holly (w/ Weezer) //Feb 25, 2019//

Meh. Wasted.

More Cowbell - SNL //Feb 21, 2019//

Best skit ever.

Becoming Pikachu //Feb 24, 2019//

Pretty hilarious.

Ryan Reynolds & Richard Branson | Announcement //Sep 24, 2018//

First Ownerversary //Feb 21, 2019//

RR block.

PICKLE RICK — Remixing Rick & Morty with the OP-1 (and a jar of pickles) //Feb 22, 2019//

This is awesome. I really want an OP-1.

Will Smith’s I Think I Can Beat The Black Panther” //Feb 26, 2019//


Trevor Noah on Colbert ////

Trevor Noah Is Disappointed In Jeff Bezos //Feb 13, 2019//

Trevor Noah block.

Warriors @ 76ers

Solid game. Still on now as I write this. Warriors up three with thirty seconds left. They should have this.


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