19.03.01 Journal

Creation: March 01, 2019
Updated: March 1, 2019

🌥 26.6°F and Cloudy

16:15 - Woke up this morning with a but of a hangover. Luckily, I’m working from home so I was able to take my time getting ready in the morning. I’ve been decently productive so far knocking out fixes. Took an hour nap over what I considered my lunch too.

23:00 - Taking it easy tonight and getting back to my log. Last night I went out for drinks with TK and her co-workers after work and stayed out much later than expected. Had one or two too many, causing me to fall behind yesterday and then not want to do much here today. Had a good time though. I don’t think TKs boss is very fond of me. She’s a workaholic and I expound my beliefs of never working more than forty hours a week for a company that inevitably treats everyone as a cog in their machine. I didn’t get into those details with her but I chided my ideals of having me time and being okay getting in to the office late and not wanting to ever work late.


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