19.02.25 Review: active thumbs

Creation: Feb 27, 2019
Updated: February 27, 2019

Some Site Thoughts

Definitely going to add a fourth informational post type.

Ride: fifteen climb

Solid. Glad I did it.


6/8. Terrific.

DRAFT To: h0p3 - super cereal introspection

Want to get back to this, add a little more, clean it up, and ask h0p3 more about his wiki. There’s a lot there to dig into and the conversation has been one sided for the most part.


Sort of an about page. Not sure exactly what to do with it. Probably point out what the different post types are, and what the daily logs are. Gave myself a wild pseudonym too. Partly inspired by h0p3 letting me choose my name on his wiki.

Listening 02-26-19: misdirection

The Daily was excellent.

Reading 02-26-19: aye captain

Not much real substance here.

Watching 02-26-19: primitive pikachu

Not much real substance here either. Didn’t even really pay attention to the games.

Journal 02-26-19

Pretty good day overall.

Date Formatting

Thinking of going yy.mm.dd - {title}: {subtitle}”, basically a mix of what h0p3/Jack and Sphygmus do.


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