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Creation: February 27, 2019
Updated: February 28, 2019

Karl-Anthony Towns Turned Near-Disaster Into Opportunity. He’s Been Doing That All Year. //Feb 26, 2019//

Good for him. Butler leaving really has been a turning point for him. Now they just need to surround him with some talent other than Wiggins.

The Spurs’ Rough Road Trip Might Lead to a Rougher April //Feb 26, 2019//

I still have the Spurs making the playoffs.

Ben Simmons Shot a 3 Monday Night. His Next Step Is to Make One. //Feb 26, 2019//

This isn’t something I’d be focusing on now. He’s going to be given the shit, he’s not going to make it. Let him worry about it over the summer and make a big push next year.

Passing Tones: The Unusual, Unmissable Development of Trae Young //Feb 27, 2019//

He really has grown into something exciting. The passing is crazy and some of the shots he’s pulling up for and making are even crazier.


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