19.02.27 Listening

Creation: February 27, 2019
Updated: February 28, 2019

LeBron’s Depressing Lakers Future and the Best Playoff Matchups With Ryen Russillo | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 487) //Feb 25, 2019//

Enjoyed this conversation a lot. Would really be something if the Lakers thing completely explodes for LeBron and he ends up wanting out.

The Daily - A Fraudulent Election in North Carolina //Feb 26, 2019//

Good for the son for being honest and essentially asking for honesty from others involved.

Disrupting Work Happy Hour (#59, CultureForce) //Feb 26, 2019//

I wouldn’t be interested in something like this because I hate sales and it doesn’t sound exciting. However, when corporations are your customers, they tend to pay a premium for services much more than a consumer would.

Today, Explained - Michael Cohen LIVE //Feb 26, 2019//

I don’t think a smoking gun will come from this but it’s good to get more of the information to the public. Some of the stuff, like Truman University, is ridiculous.


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