Listening 02-26-19: misdirection

Creation: February 26, 2019
Updated: February 26, 2019

Today, Explained - Aiding chaos //Feb 24, 2019//

Catching up with yesterday’s episode.

The Daily - What Hollywood Keeps Getting Wrong About Race //Feb 25, 2019//

This was fantastic. A must-listen.

The Nod - Six Degrees: Black History Month Edition //Feb 24, 2019//

This was just a fun episode. I’m awful at making these kinds of connections on the spot. Kudos to them.

The Cut - Who Even Was Karl Lagerfeld? //Feb 25, 2019//

I don’t even know if I’d even heard of Karl Lagerfeld before seeing his name in the news a couple days ago, which I promptly skipped over anyways. Fascinating look into his life and career trajectory.

Today, Explained - Your money is under arrest //Feb 25, 2019//

I keep coming back to this simple sentence, but it’s expensive to be poor. I don’t understand how people around me can’t see the privilege they walk with everyday.

Are We Sure the Lakers Will Make the Playoffs? | The Mismatch (Ep. 393) //Feb 25, 2019//

Good discussion around rookies post-January. This is why I’m still bummed Carter went down for the Bulls. This is the time guys start to figure it out and Carter will have to restart next year. He will pick it up quicker, but still valuable minutes lost.


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