Date Formatting

Creation: February 26, 2019
Updated: April 25, 2019

//250419// Update: I’ve changed my date formatting once again to what you see here. It’s the same thing j was going before but in reverse. Instead of year, month, day, it’s now day, month, year. I want to use this format everywhere, so this helps make it a little more visibly sequential, if that makes sense. Don’t know if I can override Blot’s date formatting though…

Looking at how others do titles when they include dates. I’ve been a dash person for a long time but j kind of like the dot. And my quick solution was much different than anyone else.

{title} mm-dd-yy: {subtitle} | currently me, but I don’t like this. At all. - {title}: {subtitle} | Jack and h0p3

yyyy-mm-dd {title}: {subtitle} |Phil

yyyy-mm-dd - {title}: {subtitle} | Josh

Day-yyyy-mm-dd | Andrew

yymmdd - {title}: {subtitle} | Sphygmus

Playing around with dates. I meant to go with: - {title}: {subtitle}

But I forgot to add the dash in my Siri Shortcut and didn’t realize it until after a day and was just too late to go back.

Now I’ve been playing around with:

//yy/mm/dd// {title}: {subtitle}

I use the / with my dates for trying Hop Butcher beers. Although those are formated //mm/dd/yy//. I like the idea of using / as something unique to here.


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