Journal 02-25-19

Creation: February 25, 2019
Updated: February 25, 2019

🥶 6.8°F and Clear

07:30 - I need to do a full scale rethink of my internet/reading consumption. Magazines and books are getting shunned away for too much internet. A lot of the internet is just reading headlines and sending to Instapaper, which has turned into a graveyard. Feedbin receives a Twitter list, but this needs to be further refined. And I need to get Instagram in order or just delete it completely and also not visit in the browser.

15:40 - Getting extremely frustrated at work. Issues are just piling up on project caliber. It’s not really my project, but I’ve been the one tasked to fix all the bullshit and lazily put together code.

21:30 - Huge headache. Taking some Advil PM.


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