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Creation: February 25, 2019
Updated: February 26, 2019

The Daily - Why Controlling 5G Could Mean Controlling the World //Feb 24, 2019//

Every major jump has consequences, but from the sounds of it, this is a pivotal jump with even more potential consequences based on who controls it.

Bad Oscars Beats, Zion’s Future, Lakers Chaos, and Kraft’s Shame With Cousin Sal and Joe House | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 486) //Feb 24, 2019//


Ever Little Thing - Baseball and Organ Music: How’d That Happen? //Feb 24, 2019//

Very enjoyable episode.

Our 2019 Anticipation Index and Why Amazon Is Keeping Lord of the Rings’ Under Lock and Key | The Watch (Ep. 331) //Feb 21, 2019//

I feel like the Lord of the Rings show is going to be a huge flop.

Are We In or Out on LeBron, Davis, Zion, Durant, Kyrie, and More? | Heat Check (Ep. 392) //Feb 24, 2019//

I might be the only person who thinks the one year college rule is good. But they should be getting paid. Based on schools revenue from sports, a pool should be created for D1 schools, which is then evenly dispersed among all D1 athletes.


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