Creation: Feb 23, 2019
Updated: February 23, 2019

Release Radar

Haven’t gotten through all of these yet. Going to try to add notes as I listen and probably add a date to the title.

Journal 02-22-19

Work stuff did not go as planned at all. But I did get some Tavern Cut from Hop Butcher so all is good in the world.


Well… I finally cut my nails after listing it for three days…


I think this has everything I own.. could’ve missed a few… I’ve spent way too much money on Outlier. More to come too…

Reading 02-22-19

I’ve been awful at reading lately. I don’t know what it is…

Listening 02-22-19

Barely listened to any podcasts. Forgot to include music here. But I guess Release Radar covers that for the most part for yesterday.

Watching 02–22-19

Just a couple YouTube videos and basketball. Oh! And Umbrella Academy. Need to update Media Diet with that too.


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