To: H0p3 - Don’t Do It

Creation: February 23, 2019
Updated: February 23, 2019

Don’t do it. I don’t think a TLDR is beneficial to anyone viewing your wiki. The value comes from it as a whole. And I say this as someone who has maybe scratched through 1% of it.

I also say this as someone currently inebriated after consuming copious amounts of beer. But, based on your notes, I can tell your heart is not in the idea either. Maybe, through a TLDR, your wiki becomes more accessible to a wider audience, but I don’t believe that’s the goal. And I also don’t think the TLDR audience will end up getting anything out of it if that became the starting place for individuals discovering your wiki for the first time.

If it could truly help individuals, such as the one you wrote to mentioning the creation of the TLDR, then I would suggest including some boiler plate copy in your correspondence, but don’t create a homebase for people to come to from the get-go in order to get the gist.

But that’s just my two cents. You said you needed advice, mine may not be the most valuable, but I offer it as one honest opinion for how I’ve consumed, learned, and taken bits from your wiki for myself.


I still want to respond to your letter. I may end up doing that later tonight as I’m sure you wouldn’t mind a drunk letter in response. We will see. If not tonight, then probably in the next week or so. Cheers!


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