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Creation: February 21, 2019
Updated: February 21, 2019

Werner Herzog on reading and writing //Feb 19, 2019//

Read, read, read. I’m trying Werner, I’m trying.

We Promise the Manny Machado–Padres Marriage Is a Good Thing //Feb 19, 2019//

Glad to see him get a well deserved deal. Hope it means success for the city. Now on to Harper.

Fiction Podcast Debuts: January Roundup //Feb 16, 2019//

Some good stuff in here. I’ve added a few first episodes to my podcast queue based on this:

Process of Elimination: Casting the Next Batman //Feb 19, 2019//

I’d love to see Andre Holland as Batman.

An intercourse with the world //Feb 20, 2019//

Crowd Goes Nuts for Extremely Satisfying DVD Logo Bounce //Feb 19, 2019//

Pretty funny.

Inaide Podcasting - 1. The Winter Podcast Upfronts were Wednesday, bringing us a slew of shows to get excited about. ////

Some interesting tidbits.

Inside Beer - modernize and market this corn-based beer. ////


Michael B. Jordan Will Star in Journal for Jordan’ For Director Denzel Washington //Feb 20, 2019//

Interesting. Need more info before I develop thoughts on this project.


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