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The Daily - How New York Lost Amazon //Feb 20, 2019//

Tough situation, as I mentioned with yesterday’s Today, Explained.

BINGE MODE S3E2: Dark Wings, Dark Words | Game of Thrones //Jun 18, 2017//

Slowly catching up on this podcast.

Wolverine: The Long Night 7: You’re Next //Oct 16, 2018//

Wolverine: The Long Night 8: The Red Sunset //Oct 23, 2018//

Wolverine: The Long Night 9: The Changing //Oct 30, 2018//

Wolverine: The Long Night 10: No Escape //Nov 6, 2018//

Enjoyed this a lot. The robot twist was a bit odd. Maybe it wasn’t a twist and I just missed the reveal in epaiode two or when I zoned out at some point…? But if it was a twist it seemed a bit pointless. I get they are Sentinel’s but… It doesn’t really mean anything in the grand scheme of the story.

Should We Care Whether Kyrie Irving Is Happy? | Group Chat (Ep. 390) //Feb 20, 2019//

This was a better conversation than I think even they realized. The one thing, I think they know, but didn’t explicitly say, is all of this scrutiny on the players is due to the player empowerment they worked for. LeBron James led the wave, but he, Butler, Davis, Irving, Durant, and so many more receive extra scrutiny, yes due to the rise of social media, but because it’s a business and they increasingly want to be look at as businessmen. With that comes honoring a contract. I obviously have a lot of opinions, and will probably write more later.

Today, Explained - Train takes a bullet //Feb 20, 2019//

Zoned out while waiting for beer that never came…


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