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Creation: February 20, 2019
Updated: February 20, 2019

The Daily - The Democratic Presidential Field (So Far) //Feb 19, 2019//

Way over a year to go and this is stressing me out already.

The Pitch - Park Your Pooch Here 🐕 (#58, DogSpot) //Feb 19, 2019//

Really cool idea. Will be interested to see if they end up in Chicago once I move into the city.

BINGE MODE S3E1: Valar Dohaeris | Game of Thrones //Jun 18, 2017//

Getting back into it after taking some time off for other shows. Still working through to get ready for the last season.

Good Beer Hunting EP-204 Jude La Rose and Jeremiah Zimmer of Hop Butcher //Jan 25, 2019//

Fascinating episode. Hop Butcher is amazing and I hope they are able to grow to their hearts desire. I just want an unlimited stock of their hazy IPAs.

Rhonecast Episode 1: If It Sucks You In, Delete It //Feb 19, 2019//

Cool seeing his thought process through the day on as he considered a microcast, and then there it was. Patrick is always very thoughtful.

I Watch Movies - Stories We Tell — Sarah Polley //Feb 19, 2019//

I Watch Movies - Top Ten Films of 2018 //Dec 31, 2018//

@bitdepth from Love his thoughts on film. Both of these were quick and enjoyable.

Today, Explained - HQ2-1 //Feb 19, 2019//

Mixed feelings about this. I was tentatively excited when Chicago was still in the mix.

Wolverine: The Long Night 3: Underground //Sep 18, 2018//

Wolverine: The Long Night 4: Hunters //Sep 25, 2018//

Wolverine: The Long Night 5: Into the Woods //Oct 2, 2018//

Wolverine: The Long Night 6: Archaeology of the Night //Oct 9, 2018//

Listened to the first episode months ago. Then accidentally listened to three instead of two… But got into it during the fourth as I caught up a bit.


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