Journal 02.19.19

Creation: February 19, 2019
Updated: February 19, 2019

🌨 35.6°F and Mixed Rain And Snow

11:10 - First journal post (switch from Morning & Recap) and I’m already eleven hours into the day before touching on it. The Shortcut to pull weather in was a fail, as it gave me the weather for each hour. I scaled it down to one and fixed1 the Shortcut for tomorrow. Added the emoji myself. I’d love a way to include an emoji through the shortcut. The only way I could think of is IF statements based on text included in the forecast. This seems to tedious and limited. Anything more complicated is probably beyond me at this point though.

13:45 - Been very lazy. Main two tasks at work are reliant on other areas, so I’ve just been making small tweaks for the time being. Made a flat white at home during lunch, but still feel like I’m going to fall asleep.

22:00 - Got a little bit of work done but not much. Trying to get my company to pay for some online courses. Making Treehouse (Lynda as a second option) and I’m trying to sneak Masterclass in there too, but it isn’t applicable to my role at all so that’s a long shot. Throat is a bit scratchy so I hope I’m not getting sick.

  1. I hope


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