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Creation: Feb 18, 2019
Updated: February 18, 2019

Inside Podcasting - Podcasters now have more revenue models than ever.

I disagree that Spotify is growing faster than they can afford. Is their current route costing a lot of money? Yes. But they know exactly what they are doing in order to offset the cost they pay to the music labels.

Inside Beer - already announcing

There’s just too much beer out there, making it hard not to want to try something new at every stop. Luckily for me, I love right next to a craft beer store, which gets some great Chicago craft brews, most of the time of beers that are only brewed in low quantities. FOMO kicks in a lot with these because if you don’t buy it now, you have to wait a year to try again.

My Recent Media Diet, the Please God Let Winter Be Over Soon” Edition //Feb 17, 2019//

Good stuff in here. I like that he threw in a standing desk. Might actually buy this after I move.

The Umbrella Academy’ Showrunner Drew Inspiration From The Royal Tenenbaums’ and Children of Men’ Interview //Feb 17, 2019//

Both seem like apt comparisons. Not in the sense of quality, although I’ve been loving it through three episodes, but those are very high bars to meet.

Kuo: 16-inch MacBook Pro, 31-inch 6K display, iPhones w/ upgraded Face ID & bilateral wireless charging coming in 2019 //Feb 17, 2019//

Lots of interesting stuff here. I’m in for the new AirPods and probably an iPad since I’ve been flirting with the new Pro’s for months. I’ll probably take a look at the mini instead if it’s appealing enough of an offering.


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