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Creation: Feb 18, 2019
Updated: February 18, 2019

A New Spin on VR (#55, Tribe XR) //Jan 22, 2019//

This feels very much like they will eventually pivot to a Peloton he of model. Live classes -> OnDemand. This scales. 1-on-1 does not.

All-Star Weekend Buzz, the Ludicrous A.D. Saga, and a Surprising Knicks Scoop With Ryen Russillo | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 484) //Feb 17, 2019//

If Dolan were to sell the Knicks, it would be a game changer for the NBA. Good riddance.

Thrift Store Smell: What Is It? Plus, Your Cleanspiracies //Feb 17, 2019//

Rubbing alcohol, rubber gloves. Problem solved.

Shark Tank vs. The Pitch (#56, Monti Kids) //Jan 29, 2019//

Cool concept. I’m nowhere near having kids, but it’s a good to know kind of service. I’m not sure her Shark Tank deal is as good as she says, especially when she just got half a mil from The Pitch investors.

After the Pitch: It Was a Disaster’ (Industrial Organic) //Feb 5, 2019//

This was fantastic. It’s great seeing the success (after not getting any investments from the show) she’s had and how much a company evolved and continues to evolve over time. This is exactly the kind of thing more of these VC people should be jumping at. It’s a shame. The whole it’s too early for me” line really bothers me.

Our Top 25 Players Right Now and the Ongoing Anthony Davis Headache | Heat Check (Ep. 388) //Feb 17, 2019//

It’s a lot of the same when it comes to NBA coverage, but I’m addicted to it like my grandma and her soap operas back in the day.

Today, Explained - 2020 vision //Feb 17, 2019//

I felt like this was kind of early, but I really don’t have a good sense of time.


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