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Creation: February 17, 2019
Updated: February 17, 2019

Upgrade 232: De-emphasis on Trees //Feb 10, 2019//

I mostly keep this show around because I like Jason Snell’s perspective and I don’t read much if Six Colors anymore.

Science Vs. - The Science Of Being Transgender //Dec 12, 2018//

It’s saddening to think how society has treated groups of people. Be kind.

Science Vs. - The Mystery of the Man Who Died Twice //Dec 19, 2018//

What a crazy story. I really want to know what he was on the run from/for.

The Pitch - Is Selling in Walmart a Good Thing? (#54, Copper Cow Coffee) //Jan 15, 2019//

This coffee actually sounds really good. The problem I have with these kinds of shows is these should be people looking to break ground and start something exciting. All these VCs want is a sure thing that’s already super successful but that they can add a little bit of money in and force the owner into selling for a 10x+ return.

Pod Save America - Donald Trump’s coffee man.” //Feb 13, 2019//

Enjoyed this episode. Both parts were enjoyable. Only a few tangible takeaways, most of which I can’t remember now, writing this hours later but… Eh. Need to try to get back to logging these right away.


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