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February 15, 2019

The Daily - Avoiding a Shutdown (by Declaring an Emergency) //Feb 14, 2019//


Early Returns on the Eastern Conference Arms Race, Plus Pelicans Talk With Arcade Fire’s Win Butler | The Corner 3 (Ep. 387) //Feb 14, 2019//

Milwaukee, Toronto, Boston, Philadelphia. In that order.

Do By Friday - Adult Magic //Feb 13, 2019//

Fine episode of Do By Friday. They are always entertaining but this one never really got me hooked.

Open Source - Gandhi and The Years That Changed the World” //Feb 13, 2019//

Great discussion on Ghandi.

Download 91: N Isn’t for Netscape //Feb 13, 2019//

Loved last weeks, but this is what I remember before unsubscribing. Still, it had some interesting discussion.

Exponent 163 — Publishers vs Apple News //Feb 14, 2019//

This was really great, especially with the background of reading his article during the week. I get where this could go bad, but I’m still looking forward to the APple News service.

Every Little Thing - Stamps: Tiny Squares Full Of Secrets //Jan 27, 2019//

This is always just a fun show. The group of people who decide on stamps is fascinating. Who knew?

TV Talk Machine 206: The Adaptive Brain //Feb 14, 2019//

I haven’t watched Counterpart, but I planned on it because of all the great things I heard. I just don’t have Starz and don’t want to pay for another streaming service at this time. Hopefully, it’ll get picked up somewhere else for additional seasons.

Today, Explained - Emergency podcast! //Feb 14, 2019//

See above.

A24 Don’t Be A Stranger with Jonah Hill & Michael Cera //Jan 7, 2019//

Fun conversation between these two guys. That’s basically all it is, just two guys shooting the shit. If you like the stuff they’ve done, you’ll probably enjoy this.

Business Wars - Red Bull vs Monster - Get Your Wings | 1 //Nov 12, 2018//

New podcast for me. But I’ve been meaning to listen to this three episode series on Red Bull and Monster. Recently read a little bit about Red Bull, which is where I learned it came from a Thai drink.

Red Bull vs Monster - Beast Gores Bull | 2 //Nov 14, 2018//

Fascinating. Had no idea Monster came from Hansen soda or that they were distributed by Anheuser.



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