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February 14, 2019

Hanna Season 1 - Official Trailer | Prime Video //Feb 12, 2019//

This didn’t really do anything for me. Looks like it could be good, and I’ll probably give it a chance, but I feel like this trailer could’ve been edited a lot tighter to lend itself to a more visceral experience.

Porter drops career high 37 in Bulls’ win //Feb 13, 2019//

Magical. Needs to slow his role though so we can get a top draft pick.

LOVE DEATH + ROBOTS | Official Trailer| Netflix //Feb 11, 2019//


Good Omens: Opening Title Sequence I Prime Video //Feb 12, 2019//

Pretty cool sequence. Really excited for this show to come out in May.

High Maintenance S2E7

Eh, not my favorite episode.

Oklahoma City Thunder @ New Orleans Pelicans

The Thunder should not be losing to the Pelicans. But high usage for Westbrook usually means the Thunder perform worse. High assists for him isn’t necessarily a sign he’s getting others involved. Guys need to have the ball in their hands rather than just finishing an alley-oop here or there.


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