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February 13, 2019

The Daily - No Heat, No Power: How a Federal Jail Failed Its Inmates //Feb 12, 2019//

Things like this don’t really surprise me anymore. I’m curious to know what the root cause was. Was it pure negligence, laziness? Was there some mischievous intention1?

/Film 504 - The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part and Russian Doll //Feb 11, 2019//

Listened for their discussion on Russian Doll. I agree with a lot of what they said, but I liked it probably more than any of them, although Devindra seemed to enjoy it a lot. There are bits of clunkiness Jeff points out, which I agree with, but it just didn’t bother me.

Clever - 74: Aaron Draplin //Nov 12, 2018//

I’ve listened to a lot of Draplin interviews. Liked this one quiet a bit.

The Cut - Everybody Must Get Stoned //Feb 11, 2019//

Fun episode about weed. I find Ben Sinclair, at least in his role of the Guy in High Maintenance.

Broken Record - Rick Rubin //Nov 12, 2018//

Fun to listen to Rick talk. Interested in the music he did with Johnny Cash. Going to have to check that out.

Conviction 1: The Private Eye //Feb 3, 2019//

Good start to this new show from Gimlet.

Conviction 2: The Porsche //Feb 3, 2019//

Gets real intriguing here.

Conviction 3: The Cop //Feb 3, 2019//

Bit if a twist, but I don’t think I believe him.

Today, Explained - Race runs through it //Feb 12, 2019//

This blackface story continues to dominate headlines. I agree it’s not a good thing, and it should be top of mind for people, but I don’t need to hear the same story five times. Nothing new has come out in over a week.

  1. doubt it, but why not?


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