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February 12, 2019

Y’all wanna hear the Red Bull story? I once spent like a week in 2013 reading about it, but that was before I became a Twitter fiend

Via Om, interesting Twitter thread on the Red Bull founder.

The Evidence Mounts: Uber/Lyft Are Bad for Our Cities //Feb 11, 2019//

Curious what this looks like in five years. Most likely, publications transit will be in shambles as the pace continues. I wonder if a sound balance can be found.

Burning Man Comes Out Against Instagram Influencers and Coachella-ification //Feb 10, 2019//

This doesn’t surprise me at all. Instagram seems to be a lot of people’s happy place, but it just seems like a place ripe for a reckoning.

Abstractions //Feb 11, 2019//

Stunning picture.

Schumer calls out TTB delays / Beer sale up in January / All about Marzen

No big takeaways here. I find it funny how they predict trends. Also I remember reading about the beer label approval process years ago. I thought this was lightened immensely due to all the crazy labels out there. Maybe not.

Chris Evans Goes Infinite’ With Potential New Science Fiction Franchise //Feb 11, 2019//

50 bucks says this franchise becomes a flop. Too much franchise for franchise sake. Maybe the people behind it will really dig in and find something special to do, but I have a feeling it’s going to be very much a paint by number sci-fi franchise.


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