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February 12, 2019

The Daily - Why Chief Justice Roberts Just Protected Abortion Rights

I wonder if Roberts sees how confrontational someone like Kavanaugh has been in his attacks against the opposition and realizes he needs to be the grown-up in the room. Probably not, but 🤷‍♂️.

NYT Popcast - Maggie Rogers and Sharon Van Etten Break Free From Old Expectations

New podcast for me, figured I’d give it a shot as they discuss two new albums I’ve been listening to. Good conversation, Im also a fan of Lindsay Zoladz, currently at The Ringer.

Without Fail - The Secret Early Lives of Sam Esmail

Sam Esmail is two for two in my books[^I haven’t actually gotten too far into Mr. Robot, but it’s on my list because what I’ve seen was great. Homecoming, was my number one show of last year.], hearing him talk about his career path was fascinating.

Art of Process - Ep. 1 - Wyatt Cenac //Jan 27, 2019//

The story of the heckler saying if I kick your ass you’ll become famous” is pretty great.

99% Invisible - 340- The Secret Lives of Color //Feb 4, 2019//

So much good stuff in this episode. Color, in general, is one of those topics where you know there’s a lot there, but on the surface it’s hard to parse until you really get deep.

The Calm Before the Streaming-Wars Storm, Plus High Flying Bird’ | The Watch (Ep. 327) //Feb 7, 2019//

Nice take on High Flying Bird, I’ve been meaning to read the review on the Ringer since it’s written by the same person who wrote the Velvet Buzzsaw review, which I really dug.

MVPaul George? Plus: the Rising East | The Mismatch (Ep. 385) //Feb 12, 2019//

I’d love to see Paul George win the MVP. Defense is never considered in the award, but if you factor it in, PG has to be the MVP.

Today, Explained - Killing Sears //Feb 11, 2019//

Crazy to see how one person has so much power and money in one company, both as the head, but also the way he now owns Sears brands and is collecting loan payments from Sears.

Om Show - Kevin Rose on the next wave of consumer apps and what’s happening in the podcast industry //Feb 10, 2019//

Great conversation between two internet people I admire a lot.


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