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February 11, 2019

Currently, I have these normal post types by date and that’s it. Specifically dated, with the date displayed in the URL slug. This is useful for a lot of posts, but in taking after the wikis which have inspired this weblog (Rudimentary Lathe and h0p3’s as my biggest daily haunts1), the reference pages, for lack of a better term2, where dates aren’t in the title for these such wikis, the formatting could use some updating.

The first change is going to come from having a second Drafts action. One where the URL slug will be much simpler, and will file the .txt file into a different folder for easier reference. This will also be useful for updatesdown the road, but I’m nowhere near that step yet. These are mostly behind the scenes changes, and pretty simple at that. The only cosmetic change would be to include Updated” before the posts date, and building an action/shortcut to override the Date:” line in the .txt file whenever a change is made. Lastly, anytime one of these files are created, it should be added to an index page for raiser reference outside of the main homepage/stream of posts.

This is all do-able with Drafts and Siri Shortcuts, so I’ll try to tackle it in the morning.

Oh, and I also want to incorporate Microposts to display the way they do for TIV. One step at a time though.

  1. I’ll get back to this idea soon.

  2. if there’s a better term I’d love to know.


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