February 11, 2019

Download 90: Spotify Buys Podcasting

Great episode of Download. Resubscribing to this podcast.

The Daily: The Standoff Over Food and Power in Venezuela

Learned a lot in this one. Fascinating to see the inner struggles of a country basically at war with itself and its citizens.

Exponent 162 — Why Exponent Isn’t on Spotify

Solid discussion around Spotify. Was hoping to hear more on their takes around podcasting as a whole and how they thought this purchase would effect the industry though.

Open Source: A Coup in Caracas

Really good listening. Started listening to Open Source Radio after Dave Winer mentioned it. This brought some good perspectives and ideas around the current situation in Venezuela.

ATP 312: Fashion Phase

Mostly listened to this for Marco’s take on the Spotify/Gimlet deal. Interesting take from someone who is ppl to ably conflicted given his personal financial gain as an investor in Gimlet and the creator of Overcast (my preferred podcast app), as well as a proponent of podcasts being part of the open web.

The New-New Sixers Look Good-Good | Heat Check (Ep. 384)

Embiid guarding Giannis?! That’s ridiculous.

Virginia is for scandals | Today, Explained

I’ve now read or listened to this story over ten times.


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