Review: lots of extra

February 9, 2019

Plan: homestretch

2/5, sort of. Didn’t hit everything but half of some things. Solid day either way.

To Consume: thinking out a structure

Going to try to get an initial list going tonight and then with about the automation later.

20 min Meditation: p1d2

Much better when compared to this mornings session.




Some great short form video and High Flying Bird.


There’s some solid stuff in there. Might come back and write further on some of these for TIV.


WFH days are super relaxing, as long as I actually get some work done, like I did yesterday

Something New

Just need to strap in and start something. No need to share.

DRAFT - High Flying Bird

More to come on this. Have some initial thoughts, but I feel like I really need to get some better speakers for my tv because dialog often sounds muddled. I don’t know if it’s the mixing or my tv though. It detracts from a movie like this where every word has consequences.


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