To Consume: thinking out a structure

February 8, 2019

I don’t remember where I saw it, probably in multiple places, but this Japanese idea of Tsundoku, which is the pile of unread books you have, essentially as your reading queue.

For me, I want to create a list of sorts, where I can have that and more. To read, to listen, to watch, etc. The goal would be to develop something with Drafts or Siri Shortcuts, to automate adding an item to the correct section, as well as a way to remove an item without too much hassle.

The maintenance and organization of it all seems like the hill I need to climb. On top of that, getting it all started with an initial lost feels like it’d take an hour with all of the unread books I have sitting around and on my Kindle, shows I’ve fallen behind on, and films I want to watch, including some directors entire filmographies.

Interested to see if I can build something to help automate this. If I do, I’ll probably share it on TIV.


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