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February 7, 2019

Signs That Something Might Be Going Around the Office

I usually love the Shouts & Murmurs articles, but this one wasn’t great.

Jill Abramson & Crytpoamnesia


No thank you, Mr. Pecker

Good for Jeff. Glad to see people fighting against the abhorrent National Enquire.

001 / The Art of Information Hoarding

Wonderful first issue of @kaa’s new newsletter.

Ferociously Scary Things

Craig Mod is one of the most delightful writers. This issue of Ridgeline is no different.

Snakes & Ladders

Second issue I’ve read of this newsletter. Going to give it one more before unsubscribing.

uncanny townies

Second issue I read of this newsletter too. Got two book recommendations, The Town and Milkman, so I’ll definitely stick with this a little longer.


Need to watch Random Acts of Flyness. Also saved issue two to Instapaper as it looks like it touches on Tierra Whack’s Whack World.

Welcome to Issue 002

Two issues in to Type, I don’t know if I’m getting anything out of this new newsletter. With so many, it needs to be great.

Behind the Boxscore: Philly is sick

The Second Arrangement. Great basketball newsletter. Considering subscribing as it is a Substack newsletter, which is new to me.


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