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February 6, 2019

Lots to unpack here. You’ve got me thinking a lot about how I see/use the word worth in terms of my blogs and your observations around the performative nature of a content creator. I don’t see myself as that, but even still there’s probably a tinge of that in how I differentiate between TIV and HL.

Before I get too deep, I would still love to hear your thoughts on the URL topic, if/when you have the time.

The two things you said, which I really think hit the nail on the head, in terms of the differences between TIV and HL are syndication and tone.

TIV goes out to, which has become the sole social place for myself on the interwebs. I don’t participate in the community as much as others, but I still love the interactions I’ve had, hearing others thoughts and feedback on items I share and providing my own. Much like this conversation, which as a form of communication across blogs without an intermediary is brand new to me.

I don’t really want to bog down that feed with my Plan posts everyday. Ultimately, I think that would detract from the interactions I have on Could I keep my plans separate from blogging altogether and then merge TIV/HL? Definitely, but I don’t know if that serves the end goal of what I hope to achieve with HL, being my brain as a whole, trying to capture everything.

On the side of tone, I do think that’s a differentiator as well. Considered was definitely the wrong word to use. I do live-blogs for sports occasionally on TIV and those are quick thoughts fired off without much consideration, but still find their home on TIV.

I can’t help but feel that this goes in with the modern view that we must be content creators”—writing original essays and gathering unique data to share. And that a pile of links is not worthy. Am I way off?

This is part of it for sure. I don’t know if it’s really about writing original essays or unique data, as I’m fine sharing a year old article if I just stumbled across it. In a way, TIV is where I put effort into adding to the conversation (with that tie-in again). HL link logs could contain things I hated or have nothing to add and TIV just doesn’t feel like the place for that.

I think the key is I want TIV to reflect the type of site I want to read.1 I have so many feeds in my RSS reader, that either a) flood with 40+ stories a day or b) never post enough things that consistently grab my attention. Maybe this is something I should resolve, but it’s still the best way I know to consume on the web. One side note, is that since HL has been live, it has taken away from time spent on TIV, which is disappointing. I need to find a balance, but I’m not quite sure how to do that yet.

Can you explain further—you later refer to things being worthy to share with the world’”—is this tied into RSS, like what sort of significance must a bit of hypertext have in order to justify making all the smartphones go ding?

I don’t think the intention of RSS is to ding someone. At least that’s not how I use it. I open my RSS reader a couple times a day, scanning through to see if there’s anything I want to read, if I do, it gets sent to Instapaper, and eventually to my Kindle. To me, this feels much different from a stream on or Twitter (which I don’t use anymore). Spamming thirty posts a day into would feel like a violation on my part.

This is such a motivating, creative thing to be play-acting in homage to magazines and fully-staffed writing houses. It provides vision for your work and a kind of high aspiration.

I keep coming back to this: TIV is my zine, or web column, and HL is my brain. I don’t think this gets to the heart of your question though.

The vision I have for TIV is almost a mix of Daring Fireball and There is no expectation in professionalizing TIV2, but I still like to treat it that way.

It particularly interesting/innovative to me that he works on drafts of his letters in public—and that it works so well in practice.

Agreed. I wanted to put this up as a draft earlier, but I need to work through my workflow to figure out how to account for it within Drafts (the iOS app).

I think it’s very useful for you to discuss your methods and the software details of how you work.

Definitely something I want to do. I started with documenting some of the Blot customizations, but I plan on getting deeper into this and branching out into more nooks and crannies as well. Right now the focus is finding the balance between TIV and HL, and getting out of them, for myself, what I want. Once I get close3, I’ll start sharing some of the methods, etc.

And I wonder if something new might spring up—outside of newspapers, magazines, blogs and anything else we know.

This is a whole other can of worms I’d love to discuss, but right now I’m focused on getting through some of your other questions/comments without writing an entire novel. I’ll make a note on this for follow-up at a later date.

Some extra color from Phil’s TiddlyWiki journal entry today:

TiddlyWiki is so good at capturing all the ephemera I love that I barely feel like posting on anymore. It’s like something has to be really interesting to a lot of non-nerds for me to want to wade into it and put something there. Not saying it’s a fault of M.b, just more of a strength of TW.

This feels like a similar thought pattern I have myself between TIV and HL.


  1. this thought just hit me as I was proofreading but I think it is key.

  2. I’m a poor writer at best. But I like to think I have good taste in things I share.

  3. I doubt I’ll ever get there completely.


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