February 6, 2019

Morning - it’s getting better edition

Fantastic morning yesterday. Fell way off this morning though.

15 minute hip hop ride

Decent ride, glad I got to it.

To: KicksCondor

This conversation has been making me think a lot. Thinking about Kicks response to this at the moment.


3/7. Not great. Some web conversations took me away, which I’m happy for. Also watched High Maintenance instead of Star Trek.

15 minute meditation - P1D1

Thinking back, this was a really good session.


One of my favorite episodes of High Maintenance.

Podcasts - content edition

Listened to six shows yesterday. Four were absolutely fantastic. The episode of 99% on tunnels from Mexico, the /Film review of Velvet Buzzsaw, Alex Blumberg interviewing Ira Glass, and more NBA trade deadline talk with the Mismatch guys.

Second Ride

Two rides in one day! It’s been awhile since I’ve done that. Will probably skip today though given the rough morning.

Recap - correspondence edition

Definitely a solid day, if not a little lonely.


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