February 6, 2019

What Past State of the Union Speeches Tell Us About the Future


The State of the World

Good to hear there’s some positive outside if this shitshow.

The Big Spike Lee Sit-down, Plus NBA Trade Value 2.0 | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 479)

I haven’t seen enough Spike Lee joints. Need to correct this.

80: Ice Fortress

Discussion around Grey’s scripts reminded me a lot of the Without Fail episode I listened to yesterday when Ira Glass talked about his mix notes. The level of detail, and scrutiny, and how that may or may not lead to success.

Heard It In A Past Life - Maggie Rogers

Going through again after h0p3 mentioned it in his note.

The Sixers Are All In (We Think?), With Bill Simmons | The Ringer NBA Show (Ep. 382)

The Tobias Harris trade isn’t that surprising to me, but I do think they gave up too much. Also, not a big fan of Ben Detrick.


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