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February 5, 2019

I appreciate the thoughtful questions and honestly, this site is very, very new. January 18, 2019 to be precise. On the other hand TIV has, in some form or fashion, been around since 20121 2.

With that being said, the short answer for a lot of your questions is going to be either a) I’m planning on moving those or b) I haven’t even considered it yet. But if you’ll indulge3 me, I’ll get into each question below.

To start off, you are very correct about this being heavily inspired by h0p3’s wiki. I discovered it after Jack Baty shared it on Ever since then, I’ve been completely fascinated. Through that I discovered other sites, including yourself4, as well as wiki’s like Sphygm’s. Then there’s also Jack’s and Phil’s TiddlyWiki’s as members of the community. All five are always open in my browser. I even tried to start this as a TiddlyWiki myself, but hosting and figuring out how to manage completely from iOS was way beyond me. With Blot, it’s much easier. It might not have all of the features of a wiki but it works for me.

Anyways, on to your actual questions:

Any reason that humdrum’ has a dark theme and tiv’ a bright theme?

The main goal was to have something different that contrasted TIV. I love the look of minimal, white websites, but now everything seems to look like that. There’s a tinge of relation between the darker site being the more personal site, but the main reason was the contrast.

why link logs get posted to the personal’ site, while movie reviews and top ten lists hit the main blog. I think I might do the opposite. How do you know what does where?

This is a whole can of worms. I’m assuming the link logs you are referring to are the ones tagged reading, usually with Articles” in the title. These are essentially to force myself to reflect on what I read. Even if I’m only writing a word or a sentence, its been helpful as a reflection practice. On occasion I forget to add things, but it’s supposed to be everything I read that day. Due to that fact, I don’t necessarily think it is all worth sharing. I have a podcast log too where I do the same thing for myself.

Thinking on it now, I want to change podcasts to listening” to include things like music, and add a third log for watching”.

On the other side, TIV link posts are more considered. These are things I usually want to add/expand on and feel are worthy to share with the world’, as they say.

I’m terms of movie reviews and top ten lists, I’m not sure where I want these. The quick thought movie posts’ should definitely move away from TIV, but on the flip side, I’ve done a few album reviews, which are more fully formed; I think these should stay on TIV. The top ten lists I view in the same way Rolling Stone or SPIN would publish a top ten list, so I feel like their home is still TIV.

I kind of view TIV as a digital publication5 so reviews, lists, and link posts feel at home there. At least in my mind. Something like my overall film log might find a more fitting place on Humdrum though.

Part of the reason I have daily TIV link logs on Humdrum is to capture those public posts in my somewhat private space. This way, if I’m not sure, I can post it to TIV and it’ll still get captured on Humdrum.

As someone with a now’ page—is it a novelty? Or does it serve a function for you? Or perhaps the function is for someone else— us??

This is for me/novelty, but mostly just an exercise in learning Siri Shortcuts. All I do for this is press the button on my home screen, choose a mood, and the rest is fully automated. This, along with the Recently page (and everything linked from it) should probably move from TIV to Humdrum.

Previously, the shortcut would archive each page and maintain a central webpage to link out to each one, but I knew I’d never go back through them. Now it just updates a markdown table in the now archive. I just switched to the table so I don’t know how useful it will be in practice when there are 100+ entries.

Interesting that URL schemes are different for the two sites. Wonder why.

So, they were intentionally different, but now that I look at it, it doesn’t appear to be working correctly for Humdrum anyways.

It’s supposed to be yyyy/mm/dd/title” for Humdrum and yyyy/mm/manuallyenteredtext” for TIV. The reason for adding the day to Humdrum was because of the generic-ness of titles where there could potentially be 31 Plan” posts in a month.

Both are automated through Drafts on iOS, but I’ll need to revisit this to see what is causing the inconsistency in Humdrum. I manually enter text for the TIV permalink to allow for some creativity, but I completely automate the title -> permalink for Humdrum. I may need to manually enter text for Humdrum, at least until I find what is causing the issue.

Thanks again for the questions. It’s been helpful to think through them. If you have any opinions or suggestions, I’m open to hearing them since I’m just making this up and learning as I go.


Updated: 2/5/19 5:55 - for typos.

  1. Although parts of the archives have been lost. I believe the oldest post visible is in 2014 and a good chunk in the middle is missing. I have files for the middle chunk but haven’t taken the time to repost them.

  2. Compared to bloggers I admire, 2012 is still relatively new.

  3. Literally took me 20 minutes to think of the word indulge”. It was on the tip of my tongue forever.

  4. Luckily enough, otherwise I wouldn’t have seen this because I haven’t set-up webmentions here until this prompted it.

  5. I like to think of it as a digital newspaper. It’s text based and more professional”. I am not a reporter in any sense though, so the metaphor starts to fall apart if you really think about it.


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