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February 2, 2019

16: Yoga Automation with Myke Hurley

Has me slightly intrigued in Zappier again. Not sure what I’d use it for exactly though. Also, I really hope they do an episode on Airtable. That seems like a service I could really dive into but I just don’t know where to start. I feel like I’d need to do some initial setup from my Mac as well.

Written in blood

Honestly, didn’t really pay attention. On bloodstain pattern analysis as evidence in court.

Who Will Be the Next Batman? Plus, the Movie Dune’ | The Watch (Ep. 325)

Really excited for both The Batman from Matt Reeves, and Dune from Denis Villeneuve.

Print lessons

Always love listening to people talk about print. Just something romantic about it.

#117: Bandersnatch

Still haven’t watched Bandersnatch. Not sure if Gray and Harren talking about it makes me want to watch it more or less. It’s been on my radar since Day 1, but since I couldn’t play directly on my Apple TV, I haven’t made the effort to watch it.

204: The Swagger of Netflix

Always find TVTM talking about Netflix and streaming fascinating. Great discussion around their metrics.

Anne Helen Petersen: Errand Paralysis

I remember when the Buzzfeed article about millennial burnout first went viral. I skipped over it because pieces on both millennials and burnout seem to be a common theme. After hearing this discussion I think I’ll go back and read the piece. I appreciated a lot of the comparisons made I this episode.


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